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Keeping the Promise of Protection 

2:22 Ministries

Self Defense Christian


Self Defense Christian

2:22 Ministries exists to combat the global issues of trafficking and violence by providing security, self defense, and resilience training to leaders, missionaries, and indigenous people groups in order to strengthen physical, mental, and spiritual tenacity as well as their ability to protect the innocent.

Global Impact

Self Defense Christian

Training is provided for individuals, churches, and organizations by high level instructors so that they can build resilience to physical, mental, and spiritual attacks while traveling. Senseless violence, muggings, and interpersonal conflicts distract from the bigger picture of the mission. Our goal is to educate how to reduce and mitigate threats to the overall mission and provide basic scriptural understanding of stewardship, leadership, authority and character in organized teams.

Missionaries and Orphanages around the world are targeted by violence daily. It is our mission that we build a network of protectors.

2:22 travels Internationally to equip those already in place protecting those most vulnerable. 2 Samuel 22 is our mission verse that those whom God has delivered from men of violence can know peace and that those who protect them are physically, mentally, and spiritually bold to be the shield of the innocent. Strengthening the foundation of resilience keeps harvesters of faith in the mission field. 

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Travel Safety and Team Development

Security Training 

Vocational and Advanced Resilience Training

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Your impact will resonate around the globe

Your Donation will help individuals gain skills that keep the gospel moving toward the unreached. 

When you sponsor a missionary, church, or organization you give directly to their training and global mission. Join the global network and receive a subscription to remain connected to those you have directly impacted. 


The skills and awareness this training gave me not only gave me physical ways to defend myself, but it gave me a peace of mind and confidence overseas knowing that I could defend myself if I had to. The physical training surprisingly gave me a safe space for me to be in touch with harmful past experiences that God wanted to heal. Thank God I haven’t had to disarm knives or guns or fists coming at me! But these skills have given me a healthy confidence that wards off threat and an awareness that keeps me from exposing myself to danger. Since training I’ve kept up my physical health and I’ve trusted God more.

Taylor H.                                                                               Serving in Dubai and Kenya

Training has helped me be personally more aware of the need for our team members and leaders to have self defense, awareness and be proactive in certain situations or scenarios that could potentially arise. It has given me confidence going about my day to day, as well as giving confidence to those on my team through leadership. 


I saw how it activated areas in my life that I can sense the lord wanting me to grow in closeness with him: see his grace and give me strength in moments of weakness. It allowed me to dig deeper into scripture and learn about God being a defender to me and those around me. 


I’ve continued to use the physical portions at the gym and keep growing effectively with the techniques - mentally training myself to be prepared and in control of my emotions and surroundings.

Tony R.                                                                      Serving in East Asia and the Middle East

Self Defense Christian

Physical Training to Edify and Equip the Body of Christ

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