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Join us for an in-depth, immersive training on self defense, the theological implications to protect those around you and the reality of spreading the Gospel in a violent world. Learn to protect yourself, your family, and those in your care as you shepherd the flock or harvest your field. Learn Biblical obedience and community practices and build a resilient lifestyle to glorify God in a sinful world. Join daily practice of physical, mental, and spiritual skills seminars. Take part in survival skills practice and crisis response drills. Learn to be self sufficient on the mission field. Build connection and have fun with others who will prayerfully encourage you and equip you for your missional living.  

Next Training: Summer 2025 

Application Deadline: May 2nd 2025

Price: $5000* 

*There is no application fee, however a $500 deposit is due upon acceptance. Payment schedule provided upon request.

Resilience Training Application

This training is roughly 3 months in length currently held every summer.

We prayerfully consider all applicants. Answers will not disqualify or hinder your acceptance. Please give as much information as you can. We want to best discern who will be the best fit for each group and the cohesiveness of each training.

Your application will be followed with a video interview before acceptance, waitlist, or non-acceptance into the program. Participants must be covered by insurance prior to the session start date which they are accepted for.

Upon acceptance you will be given the option to cover your costs by donation to 2:22 Ministries. A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due to hold your space in the training.

Others can also donate on your behalf to cover your training. Donations made toward your training must be designated by the name matching the application. The total cost of training is $5000. Other costs may be incurred by the participant including but not limited to airfare or travel expenses.

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