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Security training

Security training with a biblical perspective your team needs.


Training can be expensive and lack the spiritual perspective that encompasses each level of confrontation.  Whether your team has prior experience or is made up of untrained volunteers, your team needs to be able to work together for a unified outcome. Many of the situations your team will encounter will need more prayer than force and it is this perspective that we teach in all of our security curriculum. Everything from heated arguments to active shooter scenarios, this package allows you to test your protocols, identify any issues, and make educated decisions. We allow you to use your sanctuary for realistic practice so that your team builds cohesive reactions under pressure to make real time adjustments. Our job is to engage leadership in the process and open your teams eyes to how to apply what they have learned and how to grow and welcome new members in a safe way. The last thing you want in your sanctuary is a spirit of fear - your security team is your key to confidence.

Free Consultation

Book your Free consultation to tell us more about yourself, group, location and training needs.

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